Below you will find the requirements for the different education systems. If your education system is not listed below, do not hesitate to contact us.

American High School Diploma

Students are eligible to enroll in the Studienkolleg if they achieve a minimum unweighted Cumulative Grade Point Average (CumGPA) of 3.0. Students have to also provide evidence of completing the following subjects:

(16 academic units from 9th to 12th grade)
English 4 units English IV or Honors or AP English each with minimum grade “C”
2nd Language 2 units
Social Studies 3 units
Mathematics 2 oder 3 units Algebra II or trigonometry (11th grade) and precalculus (12th grade) each with minimum grade C
Science 2 or 3 units minimum grade “C” in each of Biology, Chemistry or Physics
5 mathematics and science units
2 elective units

If the student only completed grade 10-12 at the high school, then only 3 units for English are required.

Please note: Up-coming winter term 2019/2020 German universities will no longer accept a Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) in addition to the High School Diploma for direct admission.

Students from Egypt or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, being educated under an American school system have to fulfill the following requirements in order to attend a German University:

Feststellungsprüfung / Studienkolleg (subject-oriented)

Students will have to complete a Studienkolleg by passing the Feststellungsprüfung after 1 year.Before attending the Studienkolleg, students will have to prove they have successfully completed 1 academic year at a University, corresponding to their planned, main study course at German University.

Direct access (subject-oriented)

Students will only be able to access German Universities directly, if they are able to prove, that they have successfully completed 2 academic years for the previous discipline and neighboring subjects at a University, corresponding to their planned, main study course at German University.

General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary & Advanced Level (GCE/GCSE AS & A Level, also Cambridge International)

Students that have done GCE AS & A Levels are eligible for direct admission if they meet the following requirements:

A total of four subjects are required, which must be independent of one other and have general education, non-vocational content.

At least three A-Levels and one AS Level of which must be a language exam (literature is NOT accepted) and an exam in mathematics or natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology).

Specific requirements for the different academic disciplines:


For engineering and mathematical study courses:

  • GCE A-Level in mathematics
  • One of the following GCE A-Level subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science

For natural science study courses:

  • Two of the following GCE A-Level subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

For humanities, law, social sciences, economics and art study courses:

  • A GCE A-Level subject that corresponds to the choses course of study.
  • Additionally, GCE A-Level in Mathematics for economics and social sciences

For medicine study courses:

  • Three GCE-Level subjects in: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

International Baccalaureate

First and foremost, the student should have acquired full time education in 12 consecutive school years. Additionally, to obtain direct admission is the following required:
  1. Six examination subjects, of which three must be at “Higher Level” (HL) and the rest in “Standard Level” (SL), that are independent of one another are required and must include the following subjects:
    • Two languages at level A or B, of which at least one is a foreign language as “Language A” or “Language B HL”.
    • A natural science subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
    • Mathematics (Mathematical Methods or Mathematics HL or Further Mathematics in conjunction with Mathematics HL).
    • A social science subject (History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Anthropology and Business and Management.
    • The sixth compulsory subject may, in addition to the subjects mentioned above, be taken from one of the following subjects:
      – Art/Design, Music, Theatre Arts; Film, Literature and Performance, another modern foreign language, Latin, Classical Greek, General Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Systems, Computer Science, Design Technology, World Religions, Sports Exercise and Health Science.
  2. Among the three Higher Level subjects must be either Mathematics or a natural science subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
  3. All subjects must be done in two consecutive years in the IB Diploma Programme.
  4. The sixth required subjects must have a minimum IB-Grade “4”. If only one subject has an IB-Grade “3”, it can be compensated by another subject of the same level of proficiency with a minimum IB-Grade “5” with at least a total of 24 points.

If the student does not fulfil the requirements above, the student can still enroll at the university after joining the Studienkolleg and successfully completing the “Feststellungsprüfung” (FSP) for the corresponding field of study.

National Curriculum

If you have done National Curriculum you may check out the needed grade to be able to apply for Study in German Universities:

Country Overall High School Result Study Section Direct Admission/Studienkolleg
Egypt* 60% (1994) Industrial Studienkolleg
China Gao Kao level 2 Scientific Studienkolleg
India* 50% Pre-University Exam Studienkolleg
50% High School Cert. Studienkolleg
Jordan* 50% Scientific Studienkolleg
Kuwait** 50% Scientific Studienkolleg
Lebanon 50%-60% Math, Scientific Studienkolleg
Lebanon >60% Math, Scientific Direct Admission
Mexico* 50% Bachillerato Tecnol., Math Studienkolleg
Morocco >60% Scientific Studienkolleg
Pakistan** 50% Scientific Studienkolleg
Palestine Gaza* 50%-59% Scientific Studienkolleg
Palestine Gaza* >60% Scientific Direct Admission
Palestine West Bank* 50%-64% Scientific Studienkolleg
Palestine West Bank* >64% Scientific Direct Admission
Qatar* 50% Scientific Studienkolleg
Saudi Arabia* 50% Scientific Studienkolleg
Sudan* 50% Scientific Studienkolleg
Syria 60%-70% Scientific Studienkolleg
Syria >70% Scientific Direct Admission
UAE* 50% Scientific Studienkolleg
Yeman* 50% Scientific Studienkolleg


* in case you have done 1 successful year at the University, the Studienkolleg is not Required.

** in case you have done 2 successful years at the University, the Studienkolleg is not Required.

For Students from China and other countries: please check ( or contact us for further information

Note that students who are eligible for direct admission must still provide a language proficiency certificate in German such as “Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang” (DSH) with the minimum level required, or an equivalent certificate.


Applications must be submitted by the following dates:

Applications from Germany Applications from Abroad
Passed our placement test
Has an acceptance from a public Studienkolleg
Starting with the pre-course

Winter Semester: until the 17th of August

Summer Semester: until the 12th of December

Winter Semester:
until the 15th of july (American heigh school diploma, GSCE, IB)
until the 15th of August (national curriculum)



Summer Semester: until the 15th of February

Required Documents


Signed Application Form

Passport Copy.
Two Biometric Photos.
Official certified copy of the secondary school leaving certificate (high school diploma), Official translation is necessary.
Grades reports (grade 9, 10, 11 and 12)
An academic Curriculum Vitae
At least Level A1 certificate in German language
Personal motivation letter (why did you choose your field of studies and why do you want to pursue your education in Germany.
Signed MDWi AG Contract
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