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From university & course shortlisting to applications, docs, visa & loan, we will have your back throughout the journey!

Find a Course

Contact Us and Check the Requirements

Certify your Documents

Sign the Contract

Waiting for the Acceptance Letter

We’ll Submit the Documents to the University

Send your Documents by Post

Fill the Application

Transfer the Fees

WE’ll Send you the Acceptance Letter

Apply for Visa

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Find a Course:

Choose your desired course.
Bachelor Programmes.

Contact Us and Check the Requirements:

Check the requirements for your education system and Contact us for confirmation.

Certify your Documents:

Check the requirements for your education system and Contact us for confirmation.

Sign the Contract:

Make sure you read the contract we sent you and understood all of its content. Sign the contract and do not forget to attach the contract to the rest of the documents.

Fill the Application:

Fill the university application Form, sign it and attach it to the rest of your documents.

Send your Documents by Post:

Make sure you got all the required documents ready including the contract and the application form and send them by postal mail to the address stated below.MDWi AG Gareisstraße 16 39106, Magdeburg Germany

We’ll Submit the Documents to the University:

After we have received your documents, we will check and make sure they are correct and submit them to the university.

Waiting for the Acceptance Letter:

At this point we will have to wait for the university to process your application. This usually takes up to 2 weeks. However, this time can vary depending on the number of applicants the university is currently processing.

Transfer the Fees:

After we have received the acceptance letter from the university, you will have to transfer the fees agreed on as stated in your contract.

WE’ll Send you the Acceptance Letter:

After clearing the payment, we will send you with DHL the original acceptance letter and any other document needed from us for your visa application.

Apply for Visa:

When you get the documents apply for the visa as soon as possible. Make sure to secure an appointment at the German Embassy.

Head to Germany:

Book your flight and head to Germany, we are waiting for you. Have a safe trip!

WE’ll Pick You Up:

One of our employees will pick you up from the airport and take you to your new home. Willkommen in Deutschland!

Bring you Home:

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