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Empowering futures, forging connections – where MDWi alumni shine brightly.

At MDWI, we take immense pride in the remarkable achievements of our graduates, who embark on successful academic and professional journeys. Their success serves as a testament to the exceptional education and support they received during their time at our institution. With a global impact spanning diverse fields, our alumni contribute to industries worldwide, from pioneering research to innovative entrepreneurship, continuously inspiring and excelling in their chosen paths.

Many of our graduates have risen as leaders in academia, business, technology, and the arts, making significant contributions that shape the future MDWI alumni embody excellence and drive positive change across various sectors. We actively encourage our alumni to stay connected and engaged, sharing their success stories, participating in alumni events, and contributing to the growth and development of future generations of students. Together, we foster a dynamic community where achievements are celebrated, connections are strengthened, and the legacy of MDWI endures.


Deepanshu Thakur


Aarush Pathrabe




Alesha Zafar


Amrutha Joy


Anunay Malla




Divyant Raj


Durganandini Khurana


Kritika Sharma


Livleen Kaur




Rohan Nagu



(New Delhi)

Srinithi Prabhuram


Ved Keni


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